Wife asks lady to delete birthday message she wrote on husband’s Facebook page

An african woman has taken to her Facebook page to express her annoyance over a facebook message she received from another woman who had asked her to delete the birthday message she wrote on her husband’s timeline.


According to the woman identified as Cynthia, the wife of the man had sent a message to her facebook inbox and asked why she would call her husband “dear” in her birthday message to him if the duo had nothing with each other.

Cynthia who found the accusation very annoying stated that she had nothing to do with the man, besides he was a total stranger to her.

She wrote:

Haaaa, Facebook, I will soon leave this space to YouTube and have my sanity. I now know that “Dear” is a romantic name. I don’t know how I can get to my birthday settings, so i will know the man with the name Stephen that I sent birthday messages yesterday on his timeline bikonu! Facebook reminds me of people’s birthday and I click on the link and send them wishes.

What a crazy way to start my morning with this message. Odinma!! Sorry oooo madam biko.


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