Veteran Actor Fadeyi Oloro cries out “Help me before I die”

Nollywood veteran actor, Fadeyi Oloro cries out to Nigerians to help him before he dies.

The Yoruba actor is in need of medical attention due to complications resulting from tuberculosis.


In a recent interview, he opened up about his condition When asked about his wish, Fadeyi Oloro said:

I want people to stand up and help me now that I need help. I don’t want people to come to my grave when I am no more and come and be crying. It is now that they should come out and help me financially because I want to be back on my feet. I have a long way to go in this industry.
The Veteran actor further revealed about his current situation, he said:
I am not okay, that is because I have exhausted all the money with me for treatment. This is not my house. It was when the whole thing started that my family brought me here to keep a low profile.
I used to stay at Meiran, Lagos State. And I have been reaching out to the public, but I had to face my God. I was not like this before, I could not walk. But I am better now.
Right now, I don’t have enough money for the treatment I need. I cannot work at the moment; my shoulder, hand and legs are not responding well. I cannot stand on my own, I am usually assisted whenever I want to stand or use my walk(ing) stick as support. I am just pleading with my fans and lovers to continue and stand up for support, some people have tried, but I need more financial support.


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