The Boss Room is an interview program, conference and book showcasing African captains of industries, business owners, businesses, educating the public on how to successfully operate a business, the challenges, losses and profits involved in running a business. It tells the journey of an African entrepreneur and business owner.


To enlighten the public about enterprenuership and business management by exposing them to visual stories of successful business men and women and how they were able to set up and operate their businesses including the challenges and successes they encountered.


To showcase successful men and women excelling in various businesses, small business owners, their journey and educating the public on business management.



  • To educate the public about Enterprenuership and business management.
  • To showcase remarkable African Enterprenuers.
  • To give visibility to SME’s.
  • To inform, educate and impact.




Boss room entertainment features an individual or group of individuals in the entertainment sector who are record label owners, media company CEO’s, Cinema owners, Television & Radio station owners,  Film producers and Talent managers. The purpose is to educate the public about the business side of entertainment.

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