Some men are goats – Princess Shyngle in furious rant

Just weeks after getting a brand new G-Wagon as Valentine’s gift from her boyfriend, Princess Shyngle  as gone on a furious rant on Instagram.

The Ghanaian actress took to Instagram to blast her man calling him all sorts of names.


According to Princess Shyngle, the supposed boyfriend that recently bought her a G-Wagon wants to turn her to a ‘maid’ in other to impress him and his friend.


“Men are goats, some men are idiots, donkeys. So you came into my life and said you wanted to date me and I decided to give you a chance. You decided to buy me expensive gifts which I really appreciate.
When people give you gift, you collect! Now oga thinks he has the right to be giving me commands and say I should be cooking continental dish, Gambian food and Nigerian food for him and his friends. I need to impress him.
Are you mad, are you an idiot, do I look like your mother or househelp? You are an idiot. I am not coming to cook and impress any man, if you want me for me fine if not fu**k off”


She angrily stated in a recently posted video, sharing the video she wrote;


Some of you ladies should make sure a man puts a ring on it before he starts enjoying wifey privileges 😂😂 stop cooking 24/7, cleaning, washing like a maid in your boyfriends houses just to impress him and show him that you are a wifey material 😂😂 . If he doesn’t marry you now you will start raining curses on him because you used all your money to cook for him and his friends as if he put a gun on your head to do so. Show a man you have more to offer than just to cook and clean 😂😂😂 be ambitious, be creative, be smart, show him that you have more to offer, show him you have money making ideas, make money with him. Any woman can cook and clean but not all women know how to make money 💰, most of them just know how to beg and ask for money. Show your man that you’re different. Stop bringing yourselves down and acting like house maids, it’s no guarantee that he’ll marry you oh 😂😂

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