MO MEDIA presents Screenwriting workshop.


Are you passionate about Filmmaking and you have always wondered how movie scripts are created?


Are you an actor or film producer and you are in need of an extra filmmaking skill?


Would you love to learn how to write quality movie scripts and become a paid script writer in the nollywood industry? Then this is for you.

Online/ offline screenwriting training.

Online whatsapp Training- 4th November to 12th November. Fee: N5,000.


Course Outline:

1. Introduction to Screenwriting.

2. Writing Loglines, Synopsis and Treatments.

3. Writing effective dialogues.

4. The three Act structures

5. Professional script formating and screenwriting softwares.




Offline Training: 2nd November to 22nd December. Fee -N30,000.

Course Outline:

1. Introduction to Screenwriting

2. Writing Loglines, Outlines, Synopsis and Treatments.

3. Building Characters.

4. The three Act structures.

5. Writing effective dialogues.

6. Inciting Incidents.

7. Writing powerful opening scenes, compelling scripts & making your script stand out.

8. Film Genres

9. Professional script formatting and screenwriting softwares.

10. Copyright and market your script.


Completion of a script, Certificate and course materials inclusive. Only five slots for the offline training is available. Venue in Lagos will be communicated to registered students.


For inquiries and registration,  call 08126950898. Whatsapp Chat



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