Regina Daniels speaks on getting married to 59yr old billionaire Ned Nwoko

Actress Regina Daniels has reacted to reports which say she has secretly married Ned Nwoko in Asaba.


According to the reports by TheCapital news, Regina Daniels and Ned Nwoko’s wedding took place with few guests who were told not to take pictures because the billionaire doesn’t want any noise about it since she’s the sixth wife he’ll be getting married to.

Read the full story of their love and wedding here.

Regina Daniels has swiftly reacted to the news which is fast spreading like wildfire on social media where fans are now attributing the alleged affair to the source of the two brand new Mercedes Benz, Rolex wristwatch and house she recently flaunted in the space of a month.

She shared:


Rumors plsssssss, not anymore

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