Pius Adesanmi talked about his death 2 years ago

A Nigerian lecturer Mitterand Okorie has shared screenshot of an email he received from the late Professor Pius Adesanmi in 2017, where he talked about his death.


The Nigerian man who seemed to have had a close relationship with Prof. Pius Adesanmi took to Facebook to write a tribute to the late professor and also shared screenshot of the email he received from him 2 years ago;

I heard the news, Prof. You wrote this to me 2 years ago as though it was some premonition of your mortality. You who were so fiercely protective of me. I recall that video call at your apartment in Nairobi last May. Me and you on one end, your wife and Tise on the other end.
Same Nairobi you were heading to when darkness struck yesterday. You told me you were proud of my recent strides. You asked me to be mindful of the jealousy and resentment that those little pockets of success might cause.
You introduced me to everyone as a “young brilliant scholar”, and then you tell them he’s “my son.” You called in November to discuss extensively about escaping death in an autocrash in Nigeria. You were happy when I announced that my registry marriage was in few days. How can you now be no more? There is a hole in the world where you used to stand. I still cannot process your death, nor I’m I yet in the mood for tributes. None of these feel real.

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