Nollywood producer in London pleads for malaria tablets


Nollywood producer, Chinneylove Eze who is presently in the United kingdom, London to be precise, took to her instagram page some days ago to tell her fans how sick she is. Unfortunately none of her friends or fans sent her malaria tablets which she complained bitterly about today in the video above.

She wrote underneath the video;

chinneylove Some people are in human I swear,
Am the type that has always depicted strength in almost , Now am trying to reach out, so that people can know how serious it is.And u guys talk shit,
For 3days now I v been really sick,all those pictures u see I take it and run under the duvet, Thinking I can manage till I get back but it just struck today, Do u guys even know I fainted .
But no yr just quick to judge Abeg unfollow me if anything I do on my page annoys you!
Thank u those that have been reaching out,



After posting the most recent video, some of her colleagues in the industry responded to her plea and malaria tablets have been sent to her through DHL today.


Read her write-up;

chinneylove My people suffer from the lack of knowledge. All I need is proper malaria drugs, and am good, cos here most of what they have is for flu, it relieves u for some hrs and u are down again like what s happening now.
Thank u to all that reached out!
And thanks to my babygirl @mizwanneka for dhling proper drugs.

Thank you!

Chinneylove is the producer of cinema films such as “Hire a man” and “Junethemovie”.

The young producer is just 29 year old.


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