Mercy buys immunity, decieves Ike & other housemates

Mercy bbnaija


As this Bbnaija  season draws to an end, housemates are beginning to spend their Bet9ja coins. Mercy however pulled a fast one by purchasing the IMMUNITY for week 13.

During her Diary Session, she playfully asked Biggie if she could purchase IMMUNITY and he agreed.


She ran out of the Diary room to tell Ike about it, asking approval to use their joint coins to purchase it. They didn’t conclude on it before going to meet Mike.

She was short of 100 Bet9ja coins, however Mike gave it to her. With her money complete (hers & Ike coins), She successfully made a purchase and it seems she is safe till the final week .

However, she told Ike and other housemates that she bought a movie date and spa treatment.


Turns out it’s only one IMMUNITY slot available for a week. Also there’s only one slot available for all the treats on the BBN Bet9ja board.

Diane and Elo purchased a Spa and Movie date .

Frodd who later went to the HOH room to purchase a Movie date with Tacha discovered it’s been sold out.


He immediately tried to buy the IMMUNITY slot only to be told it had been taken too. Frodd was beyond shocked! He has been trying to decode who bought it.

Seyi and Cindy who wanted to make a purchase of the spa treatment were also disappointed to find that it was no longer available.

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