Man absconds with over N70m raised for his sick child

A Nigerian man whose son had days to live in Rivers State, has allegedly absconded after N70m was raised for the treatment of his sick child.


The father who sat on a Port Harcourt road to protest about not getting financial assistance for his sick child after spending all he had, has allegedly absconded with the money several Nigerians raised for his son’s treatment.

He had accused the government aides of beating him up when he sat with his sick child at Rivers Government House gate.


He said;

I sat there for close to two hours and when the security men saw that people were coming there to ask me questions about my baby’s situation and were snapping and videoing me (and I think then the governor wanted to go out for a campaign); the security operatives came where I was and dragged me into a Hilux pick-up truck, about 10 of them, beat me up, dragged my child and nearly broke his arm. They carried me inside the vehicle and continued beating me.


KBK, a certain humanitarian who has been handling the case on social media, has now  alleged on social media that the father has now absconded with the funds raised.

KBk wrote;

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