I will not pick strangers again, Buhari speaks on ministerial list

President Mohammadu Buhari has declared his intentions on the much awaited ministerial list.


He revealed this during a first meeting with leaders of the National Assembly on Thursday in Abuja.


Many at this dinner meeting are saying they want to see the list of the proposed cabinet so that they can go on leave peacefully.

“I’m very much aware about it; I’m under tremendous pressure on it. But the last cabinet which I headed, most of them, the majority of them I didn’t know them. I had to accept the names and recommendations from the party and other individuals.

I worked with them for three and half years at least – meeting twice or two weeks in a month. So I know them.


But, this time around I’m going to be quite me – me in the sense that I will pick people I personally know,’


On the time the ministerial list would be released, he said;


The executive is working so hard to ensure that the list of Nigerians that will help this administration work is going to be transmitted and we could even receive it this week.

“We could’ is conditional and I will urge everybody here to report it as it is”.


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