I had a near death experience, I almost lost my life – Juliet Ibrahim

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Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim during a recent interview revealed how she had a near death experience that almost cost her her life.


The actress, film maker and author, Juliet Ibrahim who is currently on a media publicity for her new book, “A toast to life.”


While revealing what inspired her writing the book, Juliet shared a near death experience she had in Kubwa, Abuja in Nigeria where she almost lost her life in a car accident about 2 years ago.

According to her, she has written different screen play in a bid to share her story because she wanted it in a movie but she was unable to get all the sponsorship she needed after several push. The car accident that almost took her life helped her make the decision to make it into a book.


This was how her recently released book “Toast to life” came about.



Recall that Juliet Ibrahim who was previously married had revealed that she left her husband because he impregnated another woman while they were married. According to her, her book contains so much information about her life up to date, including why she left her marriage, her relationship with Iceberg slim and how it also ended.

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