Eldee calls out Olu Maintain for performing his song on stage

Eldee slams olu maintain mercyobidakemedia

Rapper Eldee the Don has called out singer Olu Maintain with claims that the singer goes about performing his song as if it was created by him.

Eldee and Olu Maintain have a song together which also features Banky W titled Big Boy which was a major hit in 2008.

According to Eldee, Olu Maintain’s act of going about performing the song on stage can be likened to how he tried to snatch the song from him before it was released.

Elder wrote:

this shameless nigga goes out on stages performing my songs like he created it. I still remember how he tried to steal the record right after I put him on it, forcing me to put it out prematurely. Nigga ran off with the unmastered draft and went to print CDs with himself as the lead artist, even his verse was written by me. Lesson to all young artists, don’t ever do pity features’.

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