Davido ‘s daughter, Imade reaveals what her father really does for a living


Imade has finally revealed what her father, Davido, really does for a living in a very funny video which her father posted online. Instead of saying her father is a singer, the innocent child said her father does “fia fia” for a living.


Recall that Davido has a song titled “fia”.

Watch the funny video in link below:




The award-winning singer Davido has two wonderful daughters from his past relationships.

Davido’s first daughter and feud with baby mama

One of Davido’s most famous girlfriends was Sophia Momodu, who is a fashion enthusiast and a niece of the Ovation Company CEO, Dele Momodu.

When Sophia gave birth to a little girl, she took the DNA test, and it proved that Davido was the father. The new parents gave her a beautiful name Aurora Imade Adeleke, with her middle name being after Davido’s late mother Veronica Imade.


months later, Davido allegedly tried to take his daughter out of the country several times without Sophia’s consent. Davido baby mama and her uncle turned to the lawyers for help, and the law was on their side. Eventually, Sophia finally got the custody of little Aurora. During all these events, Davido and Sophia often exchanged harsh words on social media.

Nowadays, everything is alright between Davido and Sophia, and they are not having a beef anymore. Davido apologized for his heated words to Sophia and her uncle, and they have made up and left all the bad things in the past. Of course, they are not planning to get back together, but at least they are on good terms again. Davido often visits his little daughter Aurora Imade and posts endearing photos with her on social media. He loves his first born and would do anything for her.


The news about Davido having a second child was quite unexpected, because at the time he was not dating anyone, at least no one that the public knew of. The outlets exploded with the reports that Davido had a second daughter. There were even photos from the baby shower, which the famous singer personally attended, and he looked extremely happy as he spent time with his alleged girlfriend.

Nothing specific was known about the mother of the baby, but the media found out that her name was Amanda and she resided in Atlanta, the city in the United States where Davido was born.

Amanda gave birth to a beautiful healthy little girl, and Davido was incredibly excited to welcome his newborn daughter to the world. He named her Hailey Veronica Adeleke. Just like with her older sister, he decided to give her a middle name after his late mother.



Currently, Hailey lives with her mother Amanda in the United States.

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