Daddy Freeze blessed a pastor for saying women can wear trousers

OAP Daddy Freeze has prayed that God should bless Pastor Abel Damina for preaching a sermon that says women can wear trousers .


The OAP shared the video in response to Pastor W.F Kumuyi who preached a sermon against women wearing men’s wears.

While preaching to his congregation, Pastor Abel Damina said:


“Jesus was always against religious leaders.
“Because Christianity is not a religion, it is a relationship with God. Religion is a make belief, actually religion means go back to bondage. That’s the meaning of the word religion.”


He went on to state that Christians are not in a religion but a relationship with God.


“We are not in a religion, we are not in a make belief. We are in a relationship with God. Glory to God!
“I’m I teaching good here?”, he asked the crowd who gave a loud cheer in response.

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