Charles Awurum says bleaching is a sign of inferiority complex

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Popular Nollywood actor, Charles Awurum has weighed in on the viral trend of bleaching, saying it is a sign of inferiority complex.


The veteran actor stated this during a recent interview with, saying he has never been a fan of the trend.
Charles Awurum said people who bleached their skin in the movie industry were just being stupid, nothing that the white man has never tried to darken his skin to be black.

He emphasized that bleaching doesn’t improve ones chances of getting a movie role.

See what he said below;


“I have never loved bleaching; why would people destroy their skin because they want to be like the white man? The white man has never tried to darken his skin to be like us, people who bleach look disastrous and disgusting; it is a sign of inferiority complex. When they have accidents, it becomes worse for them because it is not easy to treat bleached skin.
“Dark people look homely to me; those who bleach are cheap. I have never dated any lady that bleached, I like natural beauty. As a young man, even though I came across ladies that bleached, I never considered them for a serious relationship. I just got what I wanted from them. I like dark people naturally, that is why I married a dark woman.
“Everybody has a role in Nollywood, it is a natural world. Anyone who bleaches their skin to get movie roles is just being stupid. There are very successful actors who are dark-skinned in the industry. I think it is all about contentment because even some people, who are naturally light-skinned, still bleach.”

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