Celebrity stylist SwankyJerry has a word for men who kiss and tell

Celebrity stylist and friend of Alex Unusual, Swankyjerry has waded into the trending controversy of kiss and tell trailing Big Brother Naija 2018 housemates at their on-going Reunion. You can read it here.


The super star stylist and fashion entrepreneur took to Instagram to address the issue where he advised men to tame their tongues after engaging in a romantic affair with a woman.


Taking to his Instagram page, SwankyJerry wrote:


Do not kiss and tell .
just eat the 🐱🐱and shut up about it.
I can’t stand a kiss and tell ass nigga .
If you gotta tell a story every time you get your 🍆🍆 wet , then you childish .
A real nigga ride in silence.🤐
Real men don’t talk about their sexual conquest or call a woman out of her name . My father once told me “No matter if a woman is a sinner or a saint when you lay with her you become her equal . So no matter what you feel about them it’s also a reflection of yourself .


He further took to his Instgram story to write:


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