Cee-c’s Sister Slammed The Door On Me – Alex Unusual

Alex Unusual who also got a chance to talk on the Big Brother Naija Reunion show, disclosed that Cee-C’s sister slammed the door on her after she turned up at her hotel room to say hi.


Alex who maintained that she has tried many times to put an end to their quarrel, added that also made a move to end their stand-off on Nina’s birthday but got a cold treatment from Cee-C.


She further revealed that Rico told her to stop trying.

However Cee-C on her own part stated that if Alex wants to hold a conversation with her, she should go straight to the point and not putting up a ‘hi’ facade.


When Nina confirmed that Alex tried talking to her on her birthday, Cee-C added that they have nothing to talk about.


Watch what happened between Alex and Cee here.

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