Being Called Fake In The House Affected My Game Plan – Bambam

BamBam who got a chance to speak during the Reunion show, disclosed that being called fake by other housemates affected her game plan which eventually led to her eviction.

Alex Asogwa attested to the fact that she was fake because she kept looking at the cameras.

According to BamBam, being called fake even though it is not true, threw her off balance, affected her game plan and also pissed her off.

She also admitted that she was aware of the cameras in the house, but consistent with her character.

The actress and model further disclosed that those who have followed from the beginning of the show till now, will admit that she has not changed much.


BamBam concluded her statement, by disclosing that what the housemates thought about her affected the perception of voters who eventually voted her out.


Watch the video of Alex and Ceec settling and hugging during the Bbnaija reunion episode last night.

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