BBnaijareunion; Ebuka is exhausted. See why

The Big brother Naija reunion show has been really entertaining and revealing, but it seems the host of the show, Ebuka is totally exhausted going by his look in the picture above.



Well, we can’t blame Ebuka, the last episode of the show was very emotional. Here’s a summary of all that transpired;


The female housmates discussed about the issues they had in the house. They spoke about how Cee c cut bonds with them immediately she went upstairs with tobi and how they felt that was what initiated the changes in her, Cee c cleared that up by saying she kept her own space and expected that if they had any issues or any thing to talk about that they should have come to meet her.. So they could talk about it.. But none of them did.

Khloe said people misunderstood her that her pissing everybody off wasn’t a strategy, that Leo was using Alex, and vandora was one of the people that poisoned Alex’s mind and she (vandora) queen of gossip,
Vandora says in the second week Alex came to her and talked about her and Leo and how she felt khloe was coming too close to Leo… But vandora didn’t wanna get involved.

Alex says Khloe  had a problem with respecting people’s space, always interfering in her discussions with Leo, always in her business, giving her advices that were offpoint.

Alex said she saw video clips of Khloe  gossiping with cee c, and when  Ebuka asked why Alex didn’t respond when khloe tried to reach out after the house, she said.. She didn’t want any trouble, after everything that happened in the house… She felt there was no need to talk to koko when she tried to reach out to her after the show.


Ahneeka says her being an engineer made her stay around guys so much, that was why it felt like she was flirting with all the guys in the house that it wasnt a strategy that it was just her nature.

Cee c said she liked Ahneeka and missed her when she left the house, she felt she was smart and helped her and tobi when they had issues.

She also spoke about why her and princess did not get along, it all started when princess told her she didn’t know how to cook.. And cee c said she expected princess to come to her and not say it out publicly like that.

Alex said initially she felt Ceec was cute and she called her Nicki minaj but Ceec picked offense, then she felt Ceec was insecure then after the house when they got to the hotel she was trying to enter her room and Tobi couldn’t get into his room, so tobi decided to join her in her room.

They  (Alex &Tobi) were discussing when Cee c knocked and asked to talk to Tobi… Tobi refused to go… Then Cee c asked Alex to come and she did.. And Cee c talked with her gave her some advice, and the next morning on the plane Ceec  was happy and excited, then Alex over heard Nina telling Cee c that some people said she shouldn’t talk to her that she will be a bad influence, and it was Alex that told Nina this thing at some point.. And this caused another issue between Alex and Cee c.

Cee c says Alex has a wild imagination and most of the things she said she(cee c) wasn’t aware of it, that her fight with Alex wasn’t anything personal that she fell out with alot of people Nina, ifu etc but the reason why her and Alex was more, was because of tobi, Cee c also mentione Nina told her that Tobi and Alex had SEX in the hotel room.. And that also caused new issues between them because she felt if Alex says she was besties with tobi why will this sex news be coming up which means Alex wasnt being honest and straight forward , Cee c said that She was having a conversation with Rico and Alex was videoing and she posted the video online without permission…. Which Alex later deleted after she realized her mistake….. And that also caused issues. Nina confirmed that Miracle told her that Alex and Tobi had sex in the hotel!


Cee c talked about how nobody in that room got more hate outside the house than her… And how she has had to cope with it
Finally Alex apologized to cee c and to everybody there and said they should forgive her and told Cee c they should get lunch sometime when she’s free.

Then after sometime one of the crew members came in to fix ebukas mic 🎤 All of a sudden Alex started crying, they got tissues for her but it only got worse… She stood up took off her mic and stormed out.. Told the camera man not to follow her or she would break his camera.

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