Bbnaija: “Why i gave Omashola’s team zero “- Mercy explains


The Bbnaija housemates were asked to do a jingle performance for Dano Milk. They were divided into six teams. Biggie asked the housemates to score their performances by themselves.

After Omashola’s team “Dano Strawberry” finished their performance, Mercy’s team “Dano Cream” scored them zero. WATCH IT HERE.


Meanwhile, Omashola’s team performed very well. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE 


Seyi’s team came top with an overall mark of 20. Mercy’s team did poorly and had an overall score of 8.


After Mercy’s teammates Joe and Diane confronted her, she revealed her decision to score Omashola’s team zero was because he scored them one. According to her, Omashola is too strict and he takes arena games too serious. Mercy said she did it purposely for him to feel bad. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE.


The prize is 750,000 naira and a 1 year supply of Dano Milk for the winning team.

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