BBnaija: “Why i didn’t give in to Frodd’s sexual advances”- Esther, her management also reacts

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Last night, Frodd tried to force himself on Esther which Biggie had to interrupt by calling him into the diary room to avoid any ugly occurence. Read about it here.


On waking up this morning, Esther headed straight to Frodd’s bed to inquire from Frodd what Biggie told him in the diary room. Frodd didn’t give her the full gist but complained that Biggie restricted him from sleeping on her bed and disturbing her at night. Then Esther told Frodd that the reason why she rejected him last night was because she was upset at him, but he didn’t do anything wrong.


On reacting to the situation which is currently on social media, her management wrote:


Esther is a sweet girl who keeps affirming her intent through words, action and facial expressions.

A woman is allowed to have friends of opposite sex, be close to a man with no strings attached.
A woman ought to be able to sleep in the same bed with a friend of the opposite without fear of being harassed or disrespected.
A woman is allowed to be nice to a man/friend without people having the impression that she’s leading him on.
A woman has a right to say NO when she’s not interested without being seen as mean, wicked or a witch.
Esther is a woman and her NO means NO. Consent should not be trivialized.
She allowed him a level of closeness, but still ensured she set boundaries. Whenever he crosses that boundaries and Esther puts him in his place, some people are quick to tag her names such as: Bitter, witch, rude and all sorts.
He never even asked her out properly but wants to enjoy benefits of a relationship. She has a moral standard and it’s pathetic and sad to see other women shame her for that.

He has tried to caress, touch, and even kiss her severally but she outrightly says ‘NO’ each time but he has continued to ignore her words.
Please NOTE that a lady being friendly to a man is not an invitation to touch or harass her. She has never condoned it.
Esther rather than raging which could lead to disqualification as seen in prior cases , smiled, while addressing the entire thing, this was in no way a YES. She tried all she could, biting and hitting him to leave her bed and not touch her. She sensed he was pulling off his pant and she warned him not to but he refused which was why she pulled the blanket off.
He even at a point used a forceful tone as if he was within his right or owned her.

Esther felt violated and harassed and it was evident by her facial expressions. She even almost cried after trying all she could and all was to no avail.
All thanks to Big Brother for intervening by making him leave her bed.
We have been quiet on issues relating to both of them to avoid looking like we are blowing things out of proportion, but some people keep blaming Esther for all his actions in a bid to seek for pity votes.

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