video: “i will be in this house till the 99th day “- Tacha brags again

As housemates prepared for their task today, they had a slight misunderstanding on what message should be relayed through the film (stageplay) they are supposed to present tomorrow. Tacha suggested they promoted the dangers of domestic violence as it relates to women, meanwhile other housemates were of the opinion that they should keep it 50-50, as domestic violence affects men too.



Tacha kept insisting on her opinion , and this greatly angered most of the housemates.


Also, there was a change in the story and Tacha lost her lead role to Kim.


Tacha was asked to apologize, but the Instagram slay queen kept on bragging about how she will be on the show till the 99th day, she also said she doesn’t need the wager from the task because she hardly eats.

Watch videos in links below;



Meanwhile, housemates have been paired, see the list here.

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