Are Alex and Tobi married? Lady asks. Read Alex response



Bbnaija Reality TV star Alex responded online, to a lady who asked if she and Tobi are already married.


The lady in her post had mentioned that she was away for some time and she would like to know if the reality TV stars, who used to be very close friends, are already married.

Alex in her response, said she needs to be away for a longer time and maybe even forever.

Read their conversation below:


Alex and Tobi had a very cordial relationship in the Bbnaija house, however after the show, not much has been heard about their relationship.


A lot happened during the Bbnaija reunion show which must have further strained their relationship.


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Ceec’s epic revelation about Tobi telling Miracle he had s*x with Alex, and the polygraph revealing their relationship was fake. Read more here.



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