Alex Unusual wins best dressed female housemate Bbnaija 2018???

From a collated result gotten from our big brother Naija WhatsApp group, Reality star, influencer and model Alex Unusual seems to be the best dressed female housemates for 2018. Hmmmm, do you agree with this?

See votes/comments from the WhatsApp group below:

For me, I choose Alex. She stepped up her game….. I would have gone for Ceec but I feel she exposes too much….

No lies on that, ceec dresses best


They all dress well


Alex is my Bb but ceec rocks


 All of them dress well with what fit them you don’t  expect nina or Alex to wear cloth that is not meant for them
‬: Why it seems like cc and bambam dresses more than others is because of their chubby body if not nothing like that


Mine is Nina ivy



Alex Alex Alex Alex Alex Alex



Bammy here,,,


Alex joor, I like her swag


to say the truth Alex and Nina

Alex got 21 votes, Ceec got 8, Nina got 5 while Bambam got 3.

What do you think, who is your best dressed female housemate for bbnaija 2018?


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