Adekunle Gold Helps Olawale, Project Fame Winner Turned Uber Driver

Adekunle Gold got everyone emotional with his interview on why he decided to help Olawale, the project fame winner turned Uber driver after he saw his viral video.

According to Adekunle Gold, he decided to help Olawale after he saw his video because he is all about ‘dignity in labour’ even though he was trolled on for winning Project Fame winner and ending up becoming an Uber driver.


He also went further to give him a song he wrote after an experience in the United States in 2016, ensured he got a studio session and is currently shooting a video for him.


Speaking at Cool FM, Adekunle said;

So there’s this guy called Olawale, he won Project Fame and I can’t remember which year. When I saw his video that went viral talking about him doing uber and how people have abused him on how do you go from winning Project Fame to riding Uber, and he was just being honest. He was just saying I can’t steal, I don’t know how to steal, a man has to do what he has to do to fend for himself. And that touched me because that’s everything I’ve always been about. My essence is always just Work. The dignity in labour is underrated in this country. People do so much, but they don’t get celebrated. You don’t even need to celebrated for what you are doing, but at least get rewarded. So it just touched me ‘I should help this guy’.


Also confirming that Adekunle Gold gave him a song he wrote and paid for a studio session, Olawale who shared a screenshot of a message he got from Adekunle Gold wrote on Instagram;

Here is the rest of the story …On sept 5, After the video of me on the Riding app surfaced, I got this message from my Oga. And even though he’s not been keen on sharing, my story cannot be complete without thanking him and his amazing team for being true to their word.

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