23-year-old Nigerian model, Blessing Williams buys 2nd house in Lagos


Blessing Williams house

23-year-old Nigerian model, Blessing Williams has reportedly bought her 2nd house in Lagos, despite the challenges of life she faced while growing up.

Blessing Williams and mum


In a post the Dubai-based model shared on her Instagram page, she narrated how she went from hawking pure water at 15, to becoming a waitress in Dubai and living to owning 2 properties in Lagos.

Blessing Williams wrote;

BOUGHT My (2nd)second home in Lagos Nigeria 🇳🇬this year has been so good to me and I am so Greatful to God “Every good gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights James 1:17
Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” Phil 4:6 🙏 This request I made known to God since 2012 all Glory goes to God🙏🏾
I cried,Prayed and worked for it since 15 from hawking pure water,sale girl,ogaTaxi driver,waitress in Lagos/Dubai restaurant etc..As a child my Mum struggle in her store day


and night just to feed my family,I barely even saw my Dad he had a job as a Driver faraway from our home in Ajegunle so he leaves home before I wake up.



Being raised this way i do say we were fortunate we had a home until we couldn’t pay rent my mothers shop in the market became our home where she sells frozen Chicken! I would sleep in the fridge as my bed and assist my mum until I left Ajegunle to ikoyi and started working as a waitress in Ember creek Lagos I rented a face me I face you room for my family in 2014 I was too happy 😃
I didn’t know God just started!! February 2019 I bought my mum a home in Ajegunle in a location she choosed I remember telling some people in Dubai were I live in excitement and they roll their eyes 👀 i can feel the dissapointment in their eyes common Ajegunle you bought a house you are this happy 😃 because they didn’t know what it meant to me who use to be homeless !!!



Fast forward to July 16th 2019 I Bought my second home in Lekki phase 2 certified and paid for with support🙏thank you @hendrix_properties the best realtor in 🇳🇬 for being reliable throughout the process of me securing my new 4bedroom Duplex you’re the best !! A big thank you to all my friends,family and my husband for their support throughout the process too many beautiful houses to choose from 🙏but God directed me to mine !!
God bless you all for your support !!TEAM BW we did this !! Second home @ 23years old🙏

Blessing Williams

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